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Quality alignment and mechanical is your one stop shop for your vehicle needs from brakes, shocks/struts, alignments, performance suspension and accessories.

Performance suspension

If you’re a weekend worrier, hard core off roader or just want a new look for your 4x4, we have what you need. We only install quality lift kits from zone, fab tech, oldman emu and more. These kits can also be backed up with fox and bilstein shocks. These are the quality parts that are going to allow you to play hard and hold up on the trail. Not only can we lift your 4x4, we can dress it up with quality accessories like weather tech floor mats, csi nurf bars, rampage bumpers and much more.

If going higher is not your thing we can take that sports car to the ground. Eibach, bell tech and h&r will give you that low stance and corner hugging performance you’re looking for. To keep your lowered car within alignment specifications, specialty products provides camber/caster kits and adjustable control arms for most makes and models.


One of the most important safety features that your vehicle has is brakes, so that means there is no substitute for the best. That’s why we use bosch brake pads. Bosch is a leader in replacement pads that meet o.e. standards for metallic, semi metallic and ceramic brake pads. With all our brake repairs, you will receive a new rotor refinish (within manufacture safety tolerance) or rotor replacement for proper pad to rotor brake- in, maximum braking and longevity. Along with that we will also service the caliper by lubing all slide pins and pad contact point.


If you have lost that factory ride, and your car or truck has more than 50,000 miles on the shocks or struts, that’s a good indication that it’s time for an upgrade. Shocks and struts will not only improve your ride, it will increase stability and performance by keeping your tires contacted to the road. Kyb, bilsteins and gabriel shocks/struts will provide you with all those needs. With quality shocks and struts, they will decrease braking distance by controlling the weight transfer in that unexpected stop and best of all, they are backed up with a life time warranty.


As we all know, tires aren’t getting any cheaper so tire life is important. To achieve maximum tire life, a quality alignment is necessary. With that being said, the state of the art hunter hawkeye elite alignment machine allows us to dial in the alignment adjustments to accommodate all types of vehicles. With a proper alignment, air pressure and tire rotations you will receive the most out of your tire purchase.

Suspension repair

In most cases there are suspension repairs that need addressed, but sometimes they do not give a warning until it is too late. We have everything that is needed to repair your suspension from replacing tie rods, ball joints, control arm bushings and more that are worn out or from those unexpected accidents that happen. Mevo tech, moog, duralast and specialty products will allow us to get you back on the road with confidence that you are safe.